Shenzhen Probe Science & Technology Co., Ltd is the sole agent in China of Maquets FLOW-i Series,C20,C30,C40 and ATYSNon-invasive cardiac output monitor

Since 1838 till today, the Brand of Maquet is closely associated with Good Quality and Patient Oriented caring nurse. Maquet is the Standard of the OR, Cath Lab, ICU and Patient Transfer Workplace. Prunus is the sole agent in China of Maquets FLOW-i Series,C20,C30,C40, we serve doctors with the perfect quality of the products.

Flow-i fulfills the clinical anesthesia requirements, it combines the accurate anesthesia transport system with the advanced mechanical ventilation modes perfectly. Maquets patent anesthesia circuit system set the latest design philosophy in this field.

       Being the leader of the Dual Drive, Maquets machine with two ICUs truely achieved the protective ventilation. Maquet pioneered to use the ultrasound flow sensor on the anesthesia working station, the tidal volume, 5ml, can be used on premature. The advanced ventilation parameters monitor ensures the machine perform excellent even facing critical patients. FLOW-i is also the pioneer of Build In Lung Mechanics Measurement, it is installed with inhale and exhale hold button to test the Static compliance.

       Another item is Non-invasive cardiac output monitor of ATYS France. France ATYS medical was founded in 1990, specializing in research&development,manufacturing of diagnostic medical devices for Pocket Doppler,Peripheral Vascular Doppler,Transcranial Doppler,Non-invasive cardiac output monitor and systolic pressure measurement devices. Atys Medical"s position as a leader in the following fields.