Talents Principle

Talents Principle: The best win-win

Talent is the base of development and competition of the enterprise. Prunus Science & Technology regard talents as the first resource in the enterprise, relying on talent is the premise in our company development, respecting talent is the guideline in our company development, promoting the development of enterprises and employees is the basic task of talent strategy.

一、the right personnel on the right position according to their character, education and capacity.

Prunus Science & Technology adhering to the people-oriented enterprise business philosophy, adhere to the broad development prospects to condense the talented person, to motivate people with good career goals. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective mechanism for talent, and create a positive and good talent growth environment, is committed to provide a stage to fully display their talents for every employee, and by creating opportunities for personal development, so all kinds of talents have the platform and opportunity to achieve success and realize the self value.

In the employment system, Prunus Science & Technology adhere to the philosophy of respecting talent, respecting creation, pay great attention not only to their educational background, but also to their capability, put emphasis on performance, ability and potentiality. Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and good cultural environment, fully mobilize the every employee"s enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.Let employees love their job and do their best to do the things.

二、Common development, sharing success.

Without the efforts of the staff, there is no success of enterprises, without success of enterprises, there will be no success of staff.Let employees and company grow together, develop together, it is always our concept of talent development. Encourage employees to combine their own development with company long-term planning, provide employees with a variety of ways of growth and development model. As platform of employee development, promotion, value realization, Prunus family make the effort to create good conditions for the growth of every employee and provide a broad space for development of every determined talent employees, so that employees can live up to their maximum potential, and realize the common development of enterprise and employees.

Prunus Science & Technology adhere to the concept of each employee is equal, care the talents. There is no difference in status between each employee, but only the difference of duty. Prunus respect the personality and the pursuit of employees, encourage employees to enhance their ability and agree with the achievements of them. At the same time, adhere to rely on staff to develop, development for employees, the achievements of development sharing with employees concept, focus on both enterprise and employee interests into account, advocating the unity and cooperation between enterprise and employee, creating and sharing value during work, finally realize common development, sharing the win-win situation between enterprises and employees.